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Are you also a shop?

Yes, our address is Balloonland, 12 Hale Lane, Mill Hill, London, NW7 3NX
Telephone number: 020 8906 3302

What are your shop hours?

Monday-Saturday 9.30am-5pm
Closed Sunday & Bank Holidays

Do you hold the same stock in your shop as you do online?

Not necessarily. Most of the products online get dispatched to customers direct from our suppliers' warehouses which is why we have many products on our website that we donít stock in our shop. Always best to check first so please call us on 020 8906 3302

Do you inflate balloons that have been bought elsewhere?

Yes we do. The cost depends on the type of balloon. Please note that if the balloon is faulty we still charge for the gas used

Do you deliver inflated balloons?

Yes we do. The cost will depend on what, when and where! Please call us on 020 8906 3302 for more information

Do you provide a balloon decorating service?

Yes we do. Again…the cost will depend on what, when and where! Please call us on 020 8906 3302 for more information

How long do the balloons float?

This is an approximate guide as many factors can come into play such as room temperature. 11” helium filled latex balloons will float 16-24 hours. They can have their float time extended by being treated with Hi Float gel. 18” helium filled foil balloons will look at their best for 3-5 days but will float for much longer. Please call us on 020 8906 3302 for more information

If I buy balloons from your website will they arrive inflated with helium?

No. All balloons sold online are flat, uninflated balloons. To have them filled with helium please call us on 020 8906 3302 for details. The delivery charge for inflated balloons is based on what, when and where? The further away from our shop the higher the delivery charge

Can you deliver at a specific time?

Not usually. We normally work to a 2 hour leeway eg 2pm-4pm etc

Can you deliver out of hours?

Yes. We can deliver out of shop hours but there will be an extra charge for this depending on where and when

Is it dangerous to suck in helium?

Helium is a safe, natural, non-toxic, non-inflammable, inert gas. However, although not poisonous, when inhaled it can be harmful, even deadly. When inhaling helium, the body & brain are deprived of oxygen which can result in suffocation. Also, helium is very cold when it leaves the tank & could freeze vocal chords. DO NOT INHALE!

Are the balloons and ribbon biodegradable?

The latex balloons that we sell are biodegradable but not the foil balloons and plastic bubbles. We stock both biodegradable paper raffia ribbon and normal non-biodegradable curling and florist ribbon

Is there parking outside your shop?

There is a Pay By Phone bay outside the shop but if you visit before 11am or after 12pm there is free parking in any residential parking bay

Is there wheelchair access?

We don’t have a ramp but the door width is 32”/81cm and there is a very small step 2.5”/6.35cm high at the entrance so hopefully access should be ok

Do you allow pets, such as dogs, in the shop?

No. We do, however, allow guide dogs for blind or visually impaired customers