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Balloon Gas Info



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Box includes helium gas cylinder and inflator valve.
It is lightweight, portable, safe to transport by car, easy to use and of course completely disposable.

PLEASE NOTE:  9" (23cm) diameter latex balloons filled with helium will float for approximately 5-7 hours.

There are 2 sizes available: 30 @ £52.99 and a 50 @ £65.99 

To book a Disposable Cylinder for collection please call our shop on 020 8906 3302

Do's & Don'ts to keep you safe

The Do's

Read, understand and observe the safety precautions on the cylinder neck label and the warning on the side of the cylinder.
Use a cylinder hand truck to move cylinders.
Always store cylinders in a well ventilated area and in an upright position so that they cannot be tipped or pushed over.
Transport cylinders only in a well ventilated truck.
Always use a regulator designed for balloon filling operations.
Call us immediately if questions arise or if more information is needed.
Check all connections for leaks before filling balloons.
Do not use leaky equipment.
Close the cylinder valve after each use and when the cylinder is empty.

The Don'ts!

Do NOT leave cylinder unattended.
Never place cylinder where it could come into contact with an electrical circuit.
Do NOT store cylinder in direct sunlight or near sources of radiant heat.
Never use cylinders as rollers.
Never allow cylinders to drop or strike together violently.
Do NOT allow anyone to breathe helium from cylinders or from filled balloons, although not poisonous it can result in asphyxiation.
Do NOT allow children or any unauthorised persons to handle cylinders or use balloon filling equipment.
Never transport the cylinder with the filling nozzle attached, as this could cause damage and will be charged for.

Health & Safety Information
Helium is a colourless, odourless compressed gas. It is shipped as a compressed gas (at pressures up to 300 bar) in high pressure steel cylinders or as a liquified gas in suitable vacuum dewars. Helium is extremely inert. There are no known toxicological effects or ecological damage caused by this product. Under no circumstances should helium be inhaled due to the hazard of asphyxiation

Balloon Gas (Helium) Properties

Chemical Formula  He
Atomic Weight 4.0026g
Specific Volume (@21'C, 1.01325 bar) 6030.4ml/g
Vapour Pressure (@21'C) n/a
Boiling Point (@ 1.01325 bar) -268.94'C
Absolute Density Gas (@24'C, 1.01325 bar) 0.1656g/l
Relative Density Gas (@24'C, 1.01325 bar) (Air =1) 0.138
Critical Temperature  -268'C
Critical Pressure  2.29 bar 
Flammability Limits in Air (volume %) non - flammable

Remember - NEVER inhale ballon gas as it is an asphyxiant and does not support life.

PLEASE BE AWARE: Helium is a safe, natural, non-toxic, non-inflammable, inert gas. However, although not poisonous, when inhaled it can be harmful, even deadly. When inhaling helium, the body & brain are deprived of oxygen which can result in suffocation. Also, helium is very cold when it leaves the tank & could freeze vocal chords. ~DO NOT INHALE~


Details given here are believed to be correct at the time of writing. Whilst proper care has been taken in the preparation of this document, no liability for injury or damage resulting from its use can be accepted.