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Products > Foil Balloons > Baby Shower & New Baby Foil Balloons

PLEASE NOTE: They need to be helium filled to be able to float.

For a while Baby Shower decorations such as balloons, banners and partyware were only seen in America but like Halloween we have started, here in the UK, to do baby shower parties more and more. We are adding baby shower products all the time so please have a look. Even if the sex of the baby is known it is still fun to do baby shower parties especially if you know the colours to use. If not then any neutral colour works especially yellow.

A new baby's arrival is the most wonderful occasion for everyone. To help celebrate the new born baby we have available banners, balloons and soft toys. We can also deliver balloon bouquets eg comprising of balloons attached to a gift-wrapped soft toy. We have a wide range of It's A Boy and It's A Girl balloons and beautiful baby pink and baby blue soft toys. If ever there was an occasion to celebrate it's when a new baby enters the family. Decoration can be anything from simple plain colour latex balloons to balloon shapes and arrangements.