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Balloon Nets - holds 500 x 10" or 250 x 12" latex balloons. If you are planning on releasing the balloons into the sky then the balloons have to be helium filled. If you are thinking of dropping the balloons onto say a dancefloor then these balloons would be air filled. The type of net will depend on how many ballloons you are going to inflate. We stock other sizes as well but as balloon drops and balloon releases are not easy to set-up it might be better for you to call us first on 020 8906 3302 and we'd be able to go through all the options with you. The beauty of a balloon drop is becuase the balloons are air filled they can be inflated prior to the day of the event unlike helium filled latex balloons that would be used in a release net and would need to be inflated on the day.

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